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9 Principles For Influencer Marketing

Based on the influencer marketing programs our awesome customers have built, we analyzed the drivers behind their success and identified 9 guiding principles to influencer marketing. From “Think beyond demographics” to “Create experiences”, they’re simple tips that will help you find the right influencers and build relationships with them.

Think Beyond Demographics

Mommy Bloggers & Tech Bloggers won't cut it. Look for influencers based on their interests & passions.

Understand Their Community

Influencers are influential. Because they've built an audience. Help them serve their audiences & you win.

De-emphasize Primary Reach

Building quality relationships with select people & reaching secondary audiences.

Create Experiences

Instead of pushing your news, create experiences for your influencers so they have something to react to & share.

Play The Long Game

The value of your influencers relationships grows over time. Invest in earning trust & sustaining connections.

Tailor Your Strategy

Influencers marketing is not direct mail 2.0. Customize your approach based on the individual person.

Fundamentally Human

Influencers are not empty amplification vessels. Treat them well & focus on their unique passions, interests & personalities.

Provide High Value

Far from pitching, find opportunities for your company to enrich the work of your influencers. They care about their audiences & hungry for unique experiences to share.

Strive for Relationships

It’s all about the relationship! When you build a relationship with an influencer, you unlock their potential value. Choose your influencers wisely.

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Our Sample Work

XL Youtube "Break The Box"

689,952 click traffics
1,125,825 youtube streaming viewers generated
only in 1,5 hours
Client's success story: MURI Record.

Summarecon Mall Bekasi

Viral on social media. Success parameters: Media announcement by Pemkot Bekasi.

Itunes Music Download

Achievement: 12 minutes iTunes downtime and reach the 1st for Indonesian music download on Itunes Ranks.